Our Mission


This video was made by a friend to display a little bit about our family and our mission.

We believe wholeheartedly that every child should have a loving family.  No child should be left as an orphan, forgotten, lonely, neglected, abandoned.  We’ve seen first-hand what life is like for orphans, and we’ve also seen first-hand what life is like when an orphan is given a loving forever family.

Chrissie was a shining example of the difference a forever family makes in the life of a child.  While we thought we would be a blessing to Chrissie, it turns out that she was much more of a blessing to us than we could have ever been to her.  Chrissie brought more joy to our family and our hearts in seven short months than we ever thought possible.  We want every family to experience the joy of adoption, and we want every orphan to experience the joy of a family.

It is our mission to find every orphan a forever family where he will become an orphan no more, where he will be chosen, loved, treasured, and cherished. Please consider partnering with us in this mission through prayer, gifts, and service. We are grateful for your support.


We invite you to JOIN US in our mission by STAYING WITH US at BYHOMExperience.

Come stay in the barnominium (think condominium above our barn) on our beautiful ranch in the hill country of Texas!

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God sets the lonely in families…” Psalm 68:6

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