Stay With Us


Our Mission:
  • Come experience life alongside our large adoptive family!  We invite you to come stay with us in the BYHOME “barnominium” (think condominium above our barn) on our beautiful ranch in Wimberley, Texas.  Your heart will never be the same.
  • We  host people who have a heart for mission work, particularly in serving children with special needs.  Through serving at our ranch, we pray God will touch guests’ hearts, turning them toward His heart for the orphan.  If guests do not feel called to adopt, they can partner with BYHOM, enabling us to help more orphans, in memory of Chrissie.
  • We host potential adoptive families, sharing our knowledge of international and domestic adoption, encouraging them to consider adopting a child with special needs.  By staying with us, guests will experience first-hand the blessing and redemption of those who are all too often overlooked.
  • We host post-adoptive families, providing tools, resources, education, inspiration, encouragement, fellowship, respite, and prayer in a family camp type setting on our ranch. We want all orphans to have families, and part of that pledge is to help struggling/exhausted adoptive families to persevere through the challenges.
  • We host families in the process of adopting, helping them prepare for the transition to post-adoptive life.  By spending a few days alongside our large adoptive family, guests will take home many tips, tools, and techniques learned through experience.
  • All reservations are by donation.  All proceeds benefit Boss Your Heart Orphan Ministries, a Christian non-profit organization helping orphans and former orphans, in memory of Chrissie.

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